• Helping With Dress Shopping

    Tips for successful dress shopping.
    Tips for successful dress shopping.

    If you’re a bit of an amateur when it comes to dress shopping, finding the right shops and right styles of dresses may be a bit difficult. Many different retailers offer many different styles of dresses to accommodate different age groups and figures. Luckily, help is at hand. I have recently discovered a blog that helps you with ideas of where to look and what to look for when dress shopping.

    That blog comes from Goose Island. Goose Island are a women’s fashion retailer based in South Wales, and have been selling different styles of dresses for many years. In a recent blog post that they’ve uploaded to their site, they talk about what kind of dresses are on offer to people. Styles from casual dresses to ball gowns. They also discuss what looks good to wear with the different dresses and how to present yourself to get the best look out of your dress. So, if you’re looking for tips for dress shopping, then you will really want to read this blog…

    Tips for Successful Dress Shopping

    Approaching numerous Christmas parties, gatherings, and nights out also means that most people will be approaching a brand new party dress.

    Dresses are the go-to party outfit of the Christmas season, and there are so many options available, it can sometimes be hard to know what to go for. The major high-street dress shops draw your eye with a range of dresses that range from fun and sparkly, to elegant and glamorous, and everything in between, and suddenly you’re now not at all sure what to wear your Christmas party. Maybe you would usually stay clear of anything covered in sequins, but the Christmas adverts and window displays make you think otherwise? Or maybe you are usually quite a casual dresser, but the festive party atmosphere has you considering sweeping ball gowns?

    With Christmas approaching, maybe you want to treat yourself or someone else to a new dress. It’ll be a perfect gift and dresses can be worn throughout the year. You may even want to just take that blog to show to a friend or relative who may not be up to scratch when it comes to dress shopping. Either way, I thought that blog was very helpful and informative. There’s even some nice things on the Goose Island website that would be worth looking into.


  • Finding The Perfect Little Black Dress

    Little black dresses.
    Little black dresses.

    Many women will admit to owning a black dress. These small black dresses are perfect as they look smart and can be worn to celebrate any occasion. What some people may not realise is that there are many different types of black dresses available for different styles. For example, there are small black party dresses and casual black dresses for the more casual event. If you’re unsure of the different styles or not sure what will be best suited to you, choosing a black dress for an event can be almost overwhelming.

    Whilst looking through different resources for little black dresses, I came across this blog from a women’s fashion retailer based in South Wales. Goose Island have been retailing women’s fashion for many years and have a large stock room full of women’s fashion. They upload regular blogs to their site and one of the blogs that could my eye was a blog about little black dresses. The experience they have shows through on the blog as they go into detail about different styles of little black dresses and what style suits what event. If you’re looking for new ideas for black dresses, then you would want to have a read of this blog…

    Finding the Perfect Little Black Dress 

    If you were to take a look at every woman’s wardrobe, it is safe to say that the majority of them would contain a black dress. This piece of clothing has become iconic, and is the go-to dress for any occasion when you cannot think of anything else to wear.

    Black is a classic colour, and a plain black dress is the perfect blank canvas to add your own spin to. Wearing a black dress with a cardigan and boots makes the perfect winter outfit, wearing it with black tights and a smart jacket makes a great office outfit, and wearing it with killer heels and a sparkly, statement necklace creates the ultimate night-out outfit.

    These black dresses are suited for any event any time of the year, and with Christmas fast approaching, you can use this blog to find the right little black dress to give to someone for Christmas. If you’re looking to treat yourself, then these black dresses will come in perfect for any Christmas or New Year events you plan on attending.

  • Fashion On Welsh TV

    Black Christmas party dresses.
    Black Christmas party dresses.

    If you’re familiar with S4C, then you may have head of, or even watched, daytime TV show ‘Heno‘. ‘Heno’ is a usual daytime TV show full of everyday events, news and entertainment. On a recent show, I noticed them showing some black dresses that were perfect for the upcoming Christmas parties. I thought these dresses looked fantastic and was interested to learn more about them.

    It turns out that the dresses were provided by Goose Island. Goose Island are a women’s fashion retailer based in South Wales. These dresses shown were black evening wear dresses that were being talked about as the must have for Christmas parties. Once I found out who supplied the dresses, I just had to go over to the Goose Island website to learn more. Whilst on the site, I found a fantastic array of dresses and fashion accessories that were perfect for every season. Then I came across a blog page on the website. That’s where I found a blog that Goose Island had written about their fashion appearing on the show. In the blog, they discuss what kind of black dresses were being used and directed me to where they could be found on the site. If you’re looking for something new to wear this party season, then I recommend you reading this blog as it is full of information on different fashions. They also let you know where you can watch the repeat of the show, in case you wanted to see what they looked liked on a person…

    Goose Island on S4C

    Goose Island is very excited to announce that a selection of our clothing will be featured on the S4C show ‘Heno’ on Friday.

    Heno is S4C’s popular magazine show that is broadcast live every week night at 7pm. The show talks about events happening around Wales, as well topical lifestyle information on fashion, beauty, the home and garden, food and drink, gadgets, competitions, and much more. The show is regularly presented by Angharad Mair and Rhodri Owen, with a number of other presenters joining them for different lifestyle segments.

    Whether you’re buying a dress for yourself for different Christmas parties, or as a present for someone else, this blog is for you. It guides you to the different fashions and could give you a lot of useful information. If reading isn’t your thing, a link to the show can be found through the blog or linked at the top of this blog.

  • Daily Diet Plans For Women’s Weight Loss

    Daily diet plans for women could help weight loss.
    Daily diet plans for women could help weight loss.

    Many people these days are obsessed with trying to lose weight. Some do it right, some do it wrong. Choosing the wrong diet plan will hinder and weight loss potential and actually set you back. Creating a daily diet plan could be beneficial for you, as it allows you to plan in advance what you’re going to eat, when to eat and keep track of progress.

    A daily diet plan for women could assist greatly with weight loss as it makes it easier to keep on top of your diet. Diet plans could be created by any number of people, such as personal trainers or even doctors. To give you some more advice on daily diet plans for women, I’ve found this blog from Drop Away. Drop Away specialise in weight loss drops and assist people with dieting. In their blog, they explain how beneficial a daily diet plan for a women could be with attempting weight loss. The blog explains the best ways to get started and how to carry on the diet plan. If you’re looking to lose a bit of weight in the run up to Christmas, or are getting prepared to start a weight loss diet come the New Year, then this blog will be beneficial for you…

    A Daily Diet Plan for Women could Help Weight Loss

    Starting your weight loss journey can seem slightly daunting or overwhelming. After all, you are about to change your whole lifestyle, and that should never be undertaken lightly. But where do you start?

    Knowing how to begin your weight loss journey can be one of the most difficult hurdles to overcome. There is a lot of conflicting information available about diets and healthy eating, and sorting through it all can be a chore, but it is important to find something that works for you and suits your lifestyle, while still being effective and helping you shift your extra weight…

    There are many places where you can find information regarding weight loss, but not all of them can be beneficial. Different women have different bodies and depending on what kind of shape you’re in or what you’re body can take will depend on what diet will be best for you. With Christmas and the New Year fast approaching, many women will be looking into getting diet plans ready to burn off the Christmas excess. The Drop Away blog is an interesting and informative blog to read if you have limited knowledge when it comes to creating a diet plan.

  • Finding A Commercial Soda Blasting Company

    Soda blasting.
    Soda blasting.

    Owning and maintaining a commercial premisses can be quite an expensive and difficult to keep on top of. After a while, dirt and grime and sometimes even graffiti starts to build up and make your building look a lot older and dirty. A dirty building can put people off from visiting and in some circumstances may even put off potential investors in your business. This then begs the question of what you can do to stay on top of this.

    Hiring a company to simply paint over the premisses is a bit of a waste of time as all your doing is covering over the dirt and not removing it. However, the best way I’ve seen of solving this problem, is to soda blast the building. soda blasting removes the dirt and grime completely and hiring a soda blasting company to do this can be beneficial to your business over time as it could potentially save you a lot of money instead of hiring a painting company.

    If you are unsure of where you can find a soda blasting company or what they can do for you, I have found this blog from APT soda blasting that could help you. APT are a company based in South Wales who offers soda blasting a professional service and have been doing for what appears to be some years now. I have decided to use their blog as it is full of information regarding soda blasting and how it could help your business. They also have a load of case studies on the APT soda blasting site that are good at giving you a better idea of how good soda blasting is…

    Soda Blasting – A Revolution in Pressure Cleaning

    In this blog, we will be looking at soda-blasting, the revolutionary new method of removing built-up dirt that’s damage-free and environmentally-friendly.

    APT have been in the commercial cleaning industry for a long time. We’ve cleaned all types of buildings, machinery and properties using every piece of equipment imaginable. But nothing has changed the way we look at commercial cleaning more than the method of pressure cleaning known as soda blasting.

    So what is soda blasting?…

    I would recommend you read that blog is you’re unsure bout soda blasting as it could give you a better idea of what’s involved with soda blasting as it could help your business in the long run. There is also a load more information available on the APT website such as case studies and testimonials that could help you even more.

  • Using Video Marketing For Your Business

    Video marketing.
    Video marketing.

    With YouTube being one of the most popular internet sites in the World, it’s a great idea to consider marketing your business through video. This may seem as a new technique for people with limited marketing experience, but it’s a method that’s been used by many marketing companies for a long time. Using videos to market your business allows you to explain in detail about the services you offer in a way you might not have been able to just writing about them. Using video marketing may also lead to a greater deal of trust between business and customer. If a customer can see who they would be talking too or dealing with when buying from you, then there could be a greater sense of trusting. It can also show prove to potential new customers that you a real business.

    Creating marketing videos for your own business can be a lot easier than it sounds, as long as you know what your doing and what exactly you should be talking about. To help you with creating marketing videos for your business, you should consider approaching a marketing company. The chances are they’ll have all of the equipment needed ready and would be able to direct you with what to say.

    Swansea Creatives are based in South Wales and have years of experience in video marketing. Using their experience, they’ve put together a little blog on video marketing to give you a better understanding…

    Video Marketing

    “Video marketing is a new type of internet marketing and advertising in which business create 2-5 minute short videos about specific topics using content from articles and other text sources. The videos are then uploaded to various video sharing websites like YouTube for distribution and exposure.”

    Google is a very powerful search engine with over 90% of us in the UK using Google to search for goods and services. In October 2006 Google purchased Youtube for $1.6 billion because they realised how important online videos were becoming when it comes to generating even more revenue.

    Therefore, as a business person yourself, it should come as no surprise that videos uploaded to Youtube (owned by Google) rank high on the Google search engine.

    Here’s an example of how a testimonial left by a customer can be turned into a marketing video…

    Swansea Creatives Swansea Amazing Five Star Review by Linda

    Video marketing can be very easy to run and very effective to your business. Marketing videos are good at adding quality content to your site which Google loves and that could lead to your business website being moved up the rankings in Google, making your business easier to find. Videos also look good for customers. If you have videos on your sites explaining your services, people may understand your business better and would be more inclined to buy from you and not one of your competitors.

  • Why Your Website Design Is Important

    Website design.
    Website design.

    Choosing a design for your website can be just as important as doing anything else for your business. You want the best possible website design that suits your company as possible in a bid to attract any new potential customers as possible that may have landed on your site. There are many different ways you can design your website, but for someone with little marketing experience, choosing the right website design may not be as straight forward as it sounds.

    The best way to make sure you have the best website design you can, is to approach a marketing company to help you. Many marketing companies offer website design as a service. One of these companies is Swansea Creatives. Swansea Creatives are a marketing company based in South Wales with many years of marketing experience. They offer website design as a service and their expertise could help you in attracting potential customers. To give you a better understanding of how a good website design could work for you when trying to attract new customers, they have written a blog with information to help you. I have attached the blog below for you to go and read…

    Website Design

    “Your website is your online ‘shop front’ and the focal point of all of your online marketing and your focus should be driving traffic to your website and converting them into customers or at least capturing their name and email address or retargeting them so that you can continue marketing to them ongoing.”

    Having a website is a must for every business but having a website that works for the business is even more important.

    Your website should be strategically developed with your sales funnel in mind.

    Not every visitor to your website will be ready to buy so your website should encourage visitors to leave their name and email address in exchange for free ebooks, vouchers, discounts etc, so you can continue to market to them until they are ready to buy.

    When starting up a business, taking as many marketing tips as you can is really going to benefit you. I’m sure that not many of you would have thought too much about the website design but were already planning ahead with other aspects of marketing your business. Sometimes in marketing, things that may seem a small deal to you may be just as important as anything else, which is why I recommend you read the blog above. There is also other marketing information available on the Swansea Creatives website.

  • Using Silicone Wristbands As Mementos

    Silicone wristbands.
    Silicone wristbands.

    If you’re hosting an event, then you may want to have something made to give to people attending as a memento of the event. Silicone wristbands are a great choice as they can be custom made for cheap and they are designed to be long lasting.

    MPM wristbands have been supplying people with silicone wristbands for years, and have written all the information you will need to decide on which silicone wristband is right for you.

    Silicone Wristbands

    Silicone Wristbands, also known as Rubber Wristbands & Charity Wristbands, are a great promotional tool and are frequently used by many modern day companies. They are made of a rubber-like material and can be used for all sorts of purposes – Charities, Promotion, Discount offers, Branding exercises or just plain old memorabilia…

    Silicone wristbands can be great memento gift as they are long lasting and you can get the event date customised onto the wristbands.

  • The Importance Of SEO For Local Businesses

    The Importance Of SEO For Local Businesses
    SEO For Local Businesses

    The importance of SEO for local businesses cannot be underestimated as if done correctly, it will improve the ranking of your company’s website and in turn increase the amount of traffic you get. This will in turn make your website more profitable as the more visitors you are getting to your website, the more chance there is of people buying from you.

    If a local business has not employed an SEO strategy, your ranking will suffer and you will keep going down the search engine rankings. The majority of people who use search engines will only look at the results on the first page. This makes it vitally important that your local business use SEO to give your business the best chance of being on page 1.

    SEO consultants such as Swansea Creatives, who are based in South Wales, have experience in implementing a SEO strategy for local businesses that will increase your search engine ranking and attract more visitors to your website.

    The Importance Of SEO For Local Businesses

    With over 90% of search in the UK carried out on Google it is important that your website and other online assets rank on page one of Google for your business to be found when your potential customers search for local goods or services.

    Search engine optimisation is simply the process of of effecting the visibility of your website on the search engines.

  • Health And Safety In The Workplace

    Health and safety in the workplace.
    Health and safety in the workplace.

    It’s vital that every business has an acceptable health and safety legislation. Failure to do so could result in legal proceedings against the company. Businesses simply can’t afford to underestimate the importance of health and safety in the workplace.

    If you’re a business owner, or know someone who is, and you or they need help with health and safety policies, it’s time to turn to a HR company. HCHR are one such company that can help you put together a health and safety legislation to bring your business onto the right side of the law. To give you a better understanding of what’s involved, there;’s information on their website…

    Health and Safety

    • A written health and safety policy?
    • Clearly defined health & safety responsibilities and organisation structure?
    • Written operational procedures?
    • Risk assessments and safe working practices?
    • Access to competent persons?

    Health & safety is a serious business and the legislation is extensive and daunting. We work with SME directors and managers to clarify their legal obligations and establish a health & safety infrastructure that is simple to understand and easy to use. When health & safety is integrated in day to day management activities it virtually manages itself – result!

    We use suitably qualified health & safety associates to conduct specific risk assessments and audits to identify and prioritize any health & safety issues…

    Make sure you protect yourself from any possible legal implications by sorting out a health and safety policy today. It could save you a load of money if anything happens to one of your employees.